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In the Western world, most battles are fought and won in the Intelligence arena. The Age of Intelligence has forced the Military & Defense organizations to stay ahead of the game: combat hackers and tapping from third parties, and come up with new ways to ensure security and secrecy.

Maintaining a stable and secure connection can prove challenging during emergencies and if practiced from remote locations or sheltered command rooms. Cellular and Internet connections are highly vulnerable and can result in sabotage, information leaks and crucial downtime.

Beeper offers an array of secured, encrypted, anti-interception communication and alerting solutions, designed to keep you connected through the toughest conditions. Beeper brings to the table over 25 years of experience working with the IDF and with Israeli authorities, keeping sensitive information confidential and secured.

Beeper’s solutions are designed for cyber protection and immunity, based on superior security HW and protocols. To ensure maximum security, all solution components – especially IT modules – are encrypted and secured.

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