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The world may be getting smaller, but threats are definitely getting bigger. Residential and industrial areas are becoming more and more crowded – often overlapping – exposing millions of people to hazardous materials and pushing critical infrastructures to the brink of their capacity. Furthermore, many densely populated urban areas reside along disaster-prone zones, such as seismically-active fractures and flood-risk areas. As population grows, so does its sensitivity, placing Public Alert Warning at the very forefront of Disaster Management.

Alert warning is the key to minimizing and treating threats at times of emergency on a local, regional and national scale: School shootings, terrorist acts, weather emergencies, geological disasters, industrial crises, health risks and biohazards.

With Beeper’s solutions, response time is improved and data is dispatched securely through an array of messaging delivery methods. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, Israeli Emergency Protocols and knowhow, Beeper stands at the frontline of Homeland Security and public safety.

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