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Beeper offers a unique Enterprise Energy Management system to help government facilities monitor their energy production and/or consumption, down to the single switch level, for facilities of any scale.


Beeper offers Critical Messaging and Mass Public Alert Warning solutions, to help healthcare workers and authorities prepare for emergency situations and combat lost time on all fronts.

Homeland Security

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, Israeli Emergency Protocols and knowhow, Beeper stands at the frontline of Homeland Security and public safety.


With Beeper’s Energy Management system, industrial facilities can monitor, control and optimize their electrical consumption. By utilizing Beeper’s M2M (Machine to Machine) Metering Control technology, various processes can be monitored and automated as well.

Military & Defense

Beeper offers an array of secured, encrypted, anti-interception communication and alerting solutions, designed to keep you connected through the toughest conditions.

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