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Energy Management

The Solution

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Electricity rates are at an all-time high due to diminishing resources of fossil fuels. This has weighed heavily upon consumers from all sectors, but perhaps the business and industrial sectors have taken the biggest hit: Responsible for about 60% of the total annual income from electricity consumption, factories, facilities and businesses are faced with a unique challenge to reduce energy cost without compromising on their operation.

Enterprise Energy Management

Beeper’s Energy Management system combines two noble agenda: minimizing the expenses of energy consumption and helping businesses become ‘greener’. Beeper helps you see the bigger picture by eliminating wasteful habits and closely monitoring the way energy is used around the facility. The immediate result is a decrease in energy costs and a whole new outlook on management, waste and environmental responsibility.

How it Works

The Energy Management SCADA system connects every electricity meter, various loads and outlet in the facility. The system collects, stores, analyzes and monitors data, enabling you to fully control energy consumption all the way down to the single load. Reports are generated on command and provide valuable insight into waste management and working efficiency.

The system can accommodate large-scale premises such as airports, hospitals, commercial centers, factories and urban electricity networks. Beeper gladly offers support and consulting from our team of professionals.

The Future is Greener than Ever

Beeper’s Energy Management system is just the beginning. Beeper is developing a solution for Water and Gas management, with the intention of revolutionizing the way businesses manage their resources. Furthermore, these management tools will operate as part of a Multifunction Communication Unit which will serve:

  • Metering for power consumption
  • Metering for power production to the grid
  • Water and Gas meters
  • CCTV link
  • Emergency alerting capabilities

Not only will this comprehensive solution induce significant savings on all water, gas and electricity expenses, but also help create safer, more environmentally-conscious work practices.

Case Study

Israeli Electric Corporation Choose Beeper

Beeper provided a comprehensive automatic power meters management system to IEC, the Israeli Electric Corporation Ltd. IEC is a public and government company which generates and supplies electricity to all sectors in Israel. About 55% of the total consumption is being monitored by an Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system provided by Beeper. The system is comprised of about 13,000 major industrial and some residential meter reading units, based on GPRS modem. Beeper's system provides the meter’s data, system integrity in terms of communications and unit health 24/7, and alerts on any failure or issues to be handled by the maintenance team.

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