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The same devices meant to keep us connected at any given moment, display high vulnerability at times of crisis: Cellular networks are the first to crash during or immediately after a large-scale emergency, with users overloading the system and failing to obtain a connection.

Sadly, this has proven to be true on numerous occasions after terrorist attacks and weather emergencies, with lines being down for hours at a time and usually during the critical stages of Alert, Evaluation and Evacuation.

Gaining access to secure and stable communication links during a crisis is the key to placing forces on the scene and treating immediate threats to human life and to infrastructure. This is where Beeper’s Critical Messaging capabilities come into play.

Beeper is a leader in the world of Critical Messaging, and exclusively operates Israel’s designated RF network for this purpose. For over a quarter of a century, Beeper’s networks have withstood threats while proving themselves to be the only trustworthy source of communication during a disaster.

Cyber Attack Protection and Immunity

The Critical Messaging system is designed for cyber protection and immunity, based on superior security HW and protocols.

The Critical Messaging System must operate effectively during crisis and emergency situations. The data transferred in the system is treated as sensitive. The data is secured using pre-defined encrypted technology.

To ensure maximum security, all solution components, – especially IT modules – are encrypted and secured.

How it Works

Utilizing proprietary and third party wireless messaging networks, providing more rapid message delivery, messages are delivered to Critical Messaging User Equipment (CMUE): smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

Messages avoid crowded public networks, thereby enabling faster through put times for time-sensitive code paging.

The secure encrypted messages are delivered and received using exclusive CMUE or Beeper’s Desktop applications.

Group messaging is also available to reach all relevant team members simultaneously and within seconds.

Messages can be deployed using the following delivery methods:

  • Encrypted Personal Messaging – Utilizing cyber protected anti-tapping and anti-interception technology.
  • Critical Messaging – Utilizing Beeper’s secure RF network, guaranteed to operate when cellular communication is down due to overload and other vulnerabilities.
  • Web Control – Alerting desktop users.

Case Study

Keeping Connected During Combat

In the summer of 2014, the “Protective Edge” operation called for strict measures from all security agencies to avoid any use of text messaging or any other Immediate Messaging software. All of Beeper’s encryption systems were operated, civilian and military alike. During the operation, 500 ECMUE (Encrypted Critical Messaging User Equipment) units were urgently ordered to enlarge the IDF’s inventory, as a backup stock. During the Operation the MOD placed an immediate order of more than 15 million NIS, as a sole supplier for phase 1. Phase 2 called for an additional order of 40 million NIS.

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