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Beeper Gives Back

Volunteer Work at Susan’s Nursery

Since 2009, Beeper has worked closely with “Susan’s Nursery” in Ramat Gan. 12 children between the ages 5-18 reside in the nursery, after being removed from their homes due to their parents’ inability to raise them.

The nursery provides the children with shelter, support and care, alongside additional services from a social worker, a psychologist, etc. the children attend regular schools within the community and take part in extracurricular activities during the afternoon.

Once a month, Beeper’s employees arrive at the nursery and volunteer, taking part in a variety of enriching and enjoyable educational activities, intended to cherish, create friendships and tutoring relations.

Some volunteers arrive independently year-round and assist. Once every year, Beeper volunteers take the children on a fun day out, with outdoor activities, workshops and treats.

In 2011, Beeper ‘s work was acknowledged with the “City Volunteers” title, given by the Ramat Gan municipality.


Call Center and Support for “Latet” Organization

Over the past 9 years Beeper has supported “Latet” organization, aiding the less fortunate.  Beeper operates a call center for the organization, with representatives providing information about donation campaigns, collecting details from individuals seeking to volunteer and from those in need of assistance.

In addition, on every major holiday, Beeper’s workers donate dry food products for the less fortunate.


Donating Critical Messaging Devices to the People of Sderot

Following the launching of KASAM missiles into Israel and the city of Sderot, Beeper donated 40 Critical Messaging devices to kindergartens and day camps so they can be alerted while trying to stick to routine and avoiding panic.

The devices were placed by Beeper’s workers and allowed for safer conduct of the summer events.


Collecting Empty Cans for Donation

Every kitchen in Beeper’s office building is equipped with designated trash bins for collecting used cans. The cans are collected by ELA – Recycling Corporation, and the funds received from the deposits are donated to various charities, including: “Pitkhon Lev” – national humanitarian organization which distributes food to thousands of people in need across Israel, and “Atid LaHaim” for children with cancer, children with disabilities and head and nerve injuries.

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