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Company Profile

Beeper Communications Israel was established in 1988 by Motorola and local partners. Since then, Beeper has served as the premier provider of emergency communication and critical messaging services for the leading security, military and homeland defense organizations.

The Company operates a highly reliable independent wireless communication infrastructure based on combined satellite and ground RF transmission systems, providing comprehensive and reliable coverage.

Beeper develops and operates a range of comprehensive and cost effective, end-to-end solutions:

Mass Public Alert Warning Platform

Beeper’s Mass Public Alert Warning Platform is a robust, trustworthy and fully-customizable solution for Disaster and Crisis Management. Collecting real-time data from numerous resources, the Mass Public Alert Warning Platform drastically improves response time from emergency authorities and acts as a crucial key component for public safety.

Critical Messaging Solutions

Utilizing proprietary and third party wireless messaging networks, together with a suite of mobile and desktop applications, the Company simultaneously delivers messages to Critical Messaging User Equipment – CMUE, smart phones, tablets and personal computers.

The Critical Messaging System is a proprietary system custom built for each facility. Critical messages avoid congested public networks thereby enabling faster throughput times for time sensitive code paging. Security, encryption and reliability are among the system’s most important attributes.

Earthquake Early Warning

Beper’s SeismoGuard is the world’s fastest, most advanced Earthquake Warning Technology, offering a unique all-in-one solution: earthquake detection, analysis and regional/national alert capabilities.

SeismoGuard is twice as fast as any comparable local, stand-alone system and can be integrated seamlessly with existing Emergency Communication Systems and Alert Systems. The system is fully automated and operates 24/7, with zero downtime year-round.

M2M Metering Control

The Company offers monitoring and control solutions for applications such automatic meter reading, and mini-SCADA applications for water, electricity and others. M2M wireless solutions use wireless modems to communicate via cellular or IP data link. A web-based application provides “anywhere to anywhere” data transfer and user access.

Energy Management

The Energy Management SCADA system connects every electricity meter, various loads and outlet in an industrial or commercial facility. The system collects, stores, analyzes and monitors data, enabling you to fully control energy consumption all the way down to the single bulb. Reports are generated on command and provide valuable insight into Waste Management and work load efficiency.

Broadband Wireless Network (BWN)

Beeper is a world leader in tactical, wireless and mobile communications for Broadband Wireless Networks (BWN).
The company’s BWN products rely on advanced and unique mesh and MIMO algorithms, combined with proprietary, revolutionary and emerging technologies. Beeper’s technological innovations impact all of their protocol layers and have resulted in highly proficient products. Beeper’s solutions are used daily within military, mission-critical and law enforcement agencies, as well as within civilian and private sectors.

A wealth of experience and a comprehensive outlook have established Beeper as a leader in the fields Alert, Monitoring and Communications, catering to clients from all over the world and taking on unique large-scale projects. The Company and its staff are fully committed to sustaining a technological edge and meeting customers’ ongoing demands for better, reliable and cost effective solutions.

The Company is ISO 9001-2000 certified and ranked as an “Excellent Supplier” by the MOD and other organizations.

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